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Divi Pixel Documentation

Mobile Settings

Fixed Mobile Header

Have you ever wanted to have a fixed mobile menu, so it’s always at the top of the mobile screen?
The Fixed Mobile Header can be enabled in Divi → Divi Pixel → General Settings → Mobile.

Hide Search Icon on Mobiles

Divi Pixel allows you to hide the Search Icon on mobile.
To hide the Search Icon on mobile go to Divi → Divi Pixel → Mobile.

Change Logo on Mobile

With Divi Pixel you can upload a custom logo and display it on mobile devices only.
To upload a custom logo for mobile go to Divi → Divi Pixel → Mobile.

Customize Mobile Menu

Divi Pixel allows you to customize the Mobile Menu like never before! Enabling the Fullscreen Mobile Menu will bring your website’s mobile user experience up to a whole new level.
To customize the Mobile Menu enable this option in Divi Pixel Settings: Divi → Divi Pixel → General Settings.

Once you’ve enabled this option, you’ll see all the new settings for making your mobile menu simply beautiful!
To customize the mobile menu style, animation effects, colors and more go to Divi → Theme Customizer → Mobile.

Hamburger Icon

Divi Pixel comes with 9 hamburger icon animation styles!.
The Hamburger Icon animation style can be selected in Divi Pixel Settings Divi → Divi Pixel → Mobile.

The mobile menu icon can be easily customized in the Divi Pixel Customizer. You can change colors, make boxed icons, and tweak border and icon spacing.
To customize the Hamburger Mobile Menu icon go to Divi → Theme Customizer → Mobile → Hamburger Icon

Collapse Mobile Menu

The Mobile Menu is a very important part of any website, and making it look good is crucial toward improving the mobile user experience on your site. If your menu is complex and has too many submenus, then it’s better to collapse the submenus.
To collapse the submenus on mobile go to Divi → Divi Pixel → Mobile.