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For Banking & Finance Websites
The Banking Layout Pack for Divi Pixel has been crafted to serve Financial websites. This layout pack comes with 12 professionally designed layouts.

01. Pages

The Banking Layout Pack is a professional and flexible Layout Pack for the Divi Pixel plugin. It was specifically designed for Financial websites, but it can be adapted and repurposed for other industries as well. This Layout Pack comes with 12 custom layouts. The pages included are the Homepage, About Us, Services, Pricing, Filterable Blog, Blog Archive, Blog Grid, Single Post, FAQ, Testimonials, Contact Us, and 404 Error.
Banking Layout Pack Homepage


Banking Layout Pack About us Page
About us
Banking Layout Pack Services Page
Banking Layout Pack Filterable Blog Page
Filterable Blog
Banking Layout Pack Blog Grid Page
Blog Grid
Banking Layout Pack Blog Archive Page
Blog Archive
Banking Layout Pack Single Post
Single Post
Banking Layout Pack Pricing Page
Banking Layout Pack FAQ Page
Banking Layout Pack Testimonials Page
Banking Layout Pack Contact Page
Contact us
Banking Layout Pack Error Page
404 Error
02. Mega Menu & Popup
The Banking Layout Pack comes with Three Premade Mega menus and Three Popups. You can modify them very easily according to your requirements.
Divi Pixel Popup Maker
Divi Pixel Mega Menu
Divi Pixel Mega Menu
Divi Pixel Popup Maker
Divi Pixel Mega Menu

03. Color palette

This layout pack uses different shades of Clear Blue. The theme colors are used for buttons, text dividers, icons, and hover effects. There are also 2 dark colors used for headings and body texts and light colors used for decorative elements and background image shapes.

04. Logo

This layout pack comes with the logo and all original source files. The logo uses Geometrical shapes as a symbol and company name text, where Questrial (Bold) font has been used. In this package, you will find a vector file with editable strokes.
05. Divi Pixel modules

The Banking Layout Pack has been carefully and professionally crafted to provide the best user experience. This Layout Pack uses 21 Divi Pixel modules, so you get all animations and hover effects out of the box.

Button Grid


Accordion Image


Reading Progress Bar

Advanced Tabs

Pricing Table

Expanding CTA



Blog Slider

Price List

Filterable Grid


Content Slider

Dual Heading

Image Showcase

Testimonial Slider


Star Rating

Fancy Text

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