Image Rotator for Divi

Elevate your visuals with the Divi Pixel Image Rotator module. Effortlessly create stunning 360-degree images by uploading multiple product pictures from different perspectives.

Image Rotator

Enhance your product showcase with the immersive experience.

Unlock the power of captivating visual experiences with the Divi Pixel Image Rotator module. Seamlessly upload a series of product pictures from multiple angles to create immersive 360-degree images that will captivate your audience. Experience enhanced capabilities and take your visuals to the next level.

Drag the image to see different views

With Image Rotator, you can drag and spin the image horizontally or vertically.

Scroll the image with mouse scroll

Allow users using mouse scroll to rotate the image horizontally.

Highly Customizable

Effortlessly create spinning images

With just a simple click, the autoplay feature brings your product to life. Say goodbye to manual intervention and let the autoplay functionality do the work for you, ensuring that every angle and detail of your product is easily showcased.

Image Rotator

With Divi Pixel, your online shoppers can explore and interact with your products, providing a whole new level of engagement and understanding.

Playback controls

The Play and Pause buttons seamlessly empower users to effortlessly rotate the image with the added convenience of an autoplay option.

Autoplay option

The autoplay feature enables users to have images automatically rotate upon page load, providing a seamless and engaging browsing experience.

Drag Direction

Empower your users with the flexibility to rotate images effortlessly in both horizontal or vertical orientations.

Powerful Features

Highlight your products with our immersive 360 Viewer

Capture your customers’ attention and alleviate any doubts about your product’s quality with a 360-degree view. Engage your visitors with interactive spinning images, allowing them to explore your product from every angle, rather than relying on static images or passive videos.