Popup Maker for Divi

Meet the most effective Popup Maker for Divi! Create amazing popups and display them on your Divi site using advanced triggering settings.

Popup Maker for Divi

Beautiful and intuitive user interface
The Popup Maker adds a new custom post type to your WordPress dashboard where you can design popups using the Divi Builder. Thanks to the beautiful user interface, the popup maker settings are intuitive and easy.

Popup Position & Animation

Add animation and display popup in various positions
The Divi Pixel Popup Maker comes with 19 beautiful animations that will help you grab user attention quickly. Design any popup you want using the Divi Builder, select animation, position, customize the close button and more!

Boost COnversion

Easily Create Elegant Popups and Displays Any Content
Create high converting unlimited popups with various features in just a few minutes that fit all your marketing needs. Transform your traffic into leads, sales and signups with the Divi Pixel Popup Maker.

Popup Maker Features

Choose triggering events, add animation, change popup position and more!

Manual Trigger

Open popup after element with custom CSS selector is clicked.

On Exit

Open popup when user leaves the page.

On Load

Display popup on page load with a delay defined.

On Scroll

Open popup after the user scrolls the page.

On Inactivity

Display popup after the user is inactive.

Popup Location

Choose pages where you want the popup to be displayed.

Overlay Background

Select popup overlay background color.

Overlay Blur

Enable overlay blur for content when popup is opened.

Popup Animation

Improve user experience with smooth animations.

Close Button

Customize the close button with intuitive settings.

Position Settings

Select one of the 9 avaialble popup positions

Close Button Position

Display close button in the top right corner or withing popup.

30+ Free Popup Templates

Jump start your next project with pre-made popup templates.

Popup Maker for Divi

Convert Visitors into Sales & Subscribers
Design any popup you want using the Divi Builder. Create high-converting beautiful popups with various features that fit all your marketing needs in just a few minutes.

100% Customizable Design


Advanced Triggering Settings


Popup Position


Smotth Animations


CLose Button Customization


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