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Divi Pixel

Product Roadmap

Coming Soon

Balloon Module

There’s nothing like a classic balloon pop-up for displaying tooltips. This custom module provides unlimited possibilities including building custom menu dropdowns. The module allows displaying Divi Library items in the tooltip, or default items like Image/Icon, Title, Description, and Buttons.

WooCommerce Modules

We’ve recently developed multiple WooCommerce modules, though they do need further testing with the latest Divi version and its improvements. We have a Product Carousel, Infinite Products, Category Slider, and Filterable Products modules. This is a huge benefit for websites with WooCommerce functionality enabled.

Scroll Image

Scroll Image module is a powerful module that allows you to add image and scroll it horizontally or vertically on hover or on click. The module is fully customizable – we can set image height, add icon, image overlay and style it as all other Divi modules.

Under Consideration

Popup Maker

We all know that popups are one of the main features that all Divi users request. We’ve already developed some “Slide-In” plugins that you can see on our Features page. We’re planning to use these as a starting point for building a fully functional and powerful popup solution.


Instagram Feed Module

This module will allow displaying an Instagram feed in a brilliant and interactive way on your Divi website. We’ll integrate the latest Instagram API with the Divi Pixel plugin, so connecting your account and displaying your feed in Divi will be easier than ever before 🙂


Timeline Module

We’re currently developing a clean, very functional Timeline Module as shown below. Every aspect of this module will be customizable, and it will be an excellent choice for displaying historical or even future timelines on your Divi website.


Accordion Image Gallery

The Accordion Image Module allows creating interactive sections with images and content which are displayed on mouseover. The hovered image will expand, and will nicely display the module’s content.


Pricing Module

The Pricing Module allows creating beautiful pricing and list sections. Each item provides Image/Icon, Title, Description, and Price elements, and is highly customizable.


Fancy Text Module

The Fancy Text module is another module for creating animated text sections (Divi Pixel already includes a Typing Text module). It’s a great way to display animated text on your Divi website. We’ve integrated the Morphtext library and added IN and OUT Animation controls, so users will be able to tweak how text appears and how it fades out before the next text appears.


Image Hotspot

The Image Hotspot module allows for setting multiple hotspots on an image which display tooltips on hover. Users can use default elements like Image/Icon, Title, Description, and Button, or Divi Library items.


Hover Box Module

With the Hover Box module, you can easily create interactive blurbs that can display different content when users mouse over. The module allows adding default and hover content to the card.

Countdown Module

The Pixel Countdown module makes creating countdown timers a breeze. It offers 3 types of dates, and 3 unique styles to select from, which can be further customized as desired. One of the styles is an amazing Flip Clock which will give your countdown timer a groovy retro feel. Another useful feature is Event settings, in which you can choose what action will be taken after the countdown module finishes. You can continue, stop the clock, forward to a URL, stop and execute a JavaScript, or stop and replace the timer with HTML code.


Blog Slider

The Blog Slider Module is fully customizable and can be used to level up your content marketing game by displaying sliding posts on your website. This module comes with custom-designed elements. And we’ve extracted post date and author to display it in a more appealing and attractive way.


Export/Import functionality

This is one of our most requested features. It allows exporting and importing all Divi Pixel settings from one site to another. Users can export plugin settings and/or customizer settings, and easily import them to another site.