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Image Mask

Custom Module

Image Mask

Image Mask module allows you to display images wrapped into the mask. You can add a custom border and 2 additional layers with decorative elements. The uploaded image can be scaled and repositioned, so it is displayed well and fit the mask perfectly. There are 12 custom masks and 15 decorative elements available in this module.

Demo 1

Create Beautiful Images with Image Mask Module

This image uses Shape 3 with custom border enabled. There are also 2 decorative dotted circles added. One is positioned in the top-left, and another one is at the bottom. Both circles have a green color.

Demo 2

Add Decorative Elements to Images with Ease

Image Mask module offers 2 additional layers which can be added to your design and displayed below or above the image. There is 15 decorative elements available.

Demo 3

12 predefined masks you are going to love

Add shaped images to your Divi website with ease. Image Mask module offers 12 predefined masks. Once the image is uploaded, you can scale it and position properly, so it is displayed perfectly within the mask.

Demo 4

Use Image Mask module to enhance your designs

Displaying rectangle images on your Divi website might be sometimes a bit boring. Shaped images can not only spice up your designs but also add a more sophisticated look to your site.

Demo 5

Build better website with Divi Pixel

All custom modules available in the Divi Pixel have been specifically crafted to help designers and developers build better Divi websites.

Decorative Elements