Hover Gallery for Divi

Hover Gallery is an elegant module that can take your site to the next level. Add multiple content boxes and change the section background magically when the user mouseovers or clicks the grid item.

Unleash Creativity

Add stunning galleries to your Divi website
Create highly engaging and beautiful sections with content and images that will change after the user hovers over the content box. Add as many grid items as want and customize all elements globally or individually. This module is great for showcasing services, products, places, portfolios, and many more.

Unique Module

Let visitors interact with your site
Improve the user experience of your Divi site with a truly unique and engaging module. The Hover Gallery module offers endless possibilities to display beautiful places, services, products, and anything else that can be presented with imagery.

Hover Gallery

Showcase product variations with style. With the Hover Gallery module, you can easily add product images and let users switch between them with just one click.

Interactive module

Activate image on hover or click

Allow users to switch between images on hover or click. With the Divi Pixel Hover Gallery module, you can show the corresponding images after the user interacted with the grid item content.

Powerful Features

Highly customizable module for Divi
The Hover Gallery module brings a variety of new possibilities for displaying content on Divi website. This module comes with advanced setting to style the grid layout and content.

Add multiple grid items


Customize grid layout and position


Add images, icons, titles, descriptions and buttons


Customize default and active grid item


Autoplay mode


7 built-in animation effects


Activate on hover or click