Filterable Grid for Divi

The Filterable Grid module allows you to display any custom post type in a grid or masonry layout and filter them by using the taxonomy.

Filter anything you want

Display content in a beautiful and well organized way

The Divi Pixel Filterable Grid module will help you display content on your website in a fashioned way. Display portfolios, testimonials, blog posts, and more, and let users filter them by categories, tags, and any other taxonomies used.

Content Settings

Display title and excerpt in grid layout

Build advanced filterable grid sections with content displayed below images. Use masonry or grid layout and display the images, titles, and excerpts in the layout.

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Filter Custom Post Types

Classy look and functionality

Use the Filterable Grid module for displaying your favorite recipes, projects, services, and any other post type you have created.


Overlay Effects

Add stunning overlay effects
Add image overlay elements and show them with stunning animations when the user mouse over the image.

One module - unlimited possibilities

Filter CPT in Divi with ease

Want to show filtered reviews from your customers? No problem! The Divi Pixel Filterable Grid can display testimonials in a beautiful way.

Feedback Form

Larry Bohen

Superb tech support I have received superb tech support from Divi-Pixel. In addition, to be very responsive and competent, they are very patient with my sometimes naive questions and issues.

Kevin Madegard

Quality of development & quality of support It is not just about a multi-function plugin as there are everywhere. It's about a small pearl that evolves again and again to challenge the greatest. Be prepared to have to use it soon (if you haven't already), because it's a must-have!

Inigo Lopez

The Masonry Gallery is amazing. Thanks! The perfect plugin to cover the extra needs we had and Divi couldn't give us. The Masonry Gallery is amazing. Thanks!

AJ James

The plugin has tons of features The plugin has tons of features. Some I use on every site, others I use only when appropriate.

Minty Hunter

Extremely pleased to have grabbed a lifetime licence! I love the functionality of the Divi Pixel modules, and I've been super-impressed by their continual development and the superb support from the team. Extremely pleased to have grabbed a lifetime licence!

Renaud Blanc-Bernard

Very happy with my lifetime license Divi Pixel is a really useful and well-crafted multipurpose tool for every Divi website designer. It replaces many plugins in only one package. Very happy with my lifetime license 🙂 Very fast and accurate support.

Ricardo Elizondo

My clients love the results Divi Theme and Divi Pixel is the best possible combination to create amazing sites with very little effort. My clients love the results and I can't help but get excited like Christmas every time Divi Pixel gets a new module. Definitely a must-have plugin for our WordPress toolbox. And also the support is very fast and friendly, I love it.

Daniel Hartmann

Real added value to the standard Divi theme I think that all the modules and customizations Divi Pixel is providing are a real added value to the standard Divi theme. First-class support not only once but multiple times already. Thank you very much for your good service and stay innovative for the future.

Cam Perry

Invaluable resource It's almost like a swiss-army knife. The only reason it's not a fair comparison is that you sacrifice the efficacy of each tool with a swiss-army knife so it fits in your pocket. DP is like having a tool chest full of the best solutions. The first thing that gets installed on every new build we do.
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Asit Aithal

Excellent product and awesome support Excellent product and awesome support. After all, once you buy the product, good and responsive support is crucial.

Jules Webb

Divi Pixel is a Divi designer's best friend Divi Pixel includes global settings and functionality that are beneficial on every website. It's one of the "go-to" plugins I use on every website. Divi Pixel enables you to quickly set up layouts that are functional as well as beautiful. There's a large selection of modules that include a wide array of settings, so you have the flexibility to create any look you want. In a hurry? Divi Pixel also has demo layouts you can download and use. Use as-is or modify for a more custom look and feel. Having trouble? Divi Pixel has FANTASTIC and friendly support. They'll get you back on track! On the fence? Don't be. This is a great tool. You should try it out.

Iulian Boiesteanu

Professional and passionate people Professional and passionate people. It is a real pleasure working with them. Thank you for everything you do for us.

Piotr Kopaniszyn

Professional plug created by Professionals When it comes to plugins, this is one of my best investments. Mostly because Divi Pixel is simply a great, feature-rich, highly customizable plugin with a beautiful interface. Second, the support offered by its developers is excellent - fast and professional. They are always happy to help. I highly recommend Divi Pixel!

Tobias Schmidt

Best Divi plugin so far Best Divi plugin so far. I’m using this excellent tools on every customer website. Even the layouts are pretty professional. Thank you guys.

Paul D Floyd

I love everything about Divi Pixel I love everything about Divi Pixel, the plugin itself, the cool features it allows me to quickly implement, and the team behind it who keeps adding new improvements and features all the time.

Alve Doherty

A plugin to bring your Divi Site to the Next Level Great Plugin. And on top of that, they have great customer support. Well done!

Mark Richmond

This is my "go to" plugin everytime! This is my "go to" plugin that gets installed with every single one of my projects!

Micha Kellenberger

Perfect addition to the Divi Theme with… Perfect addition to the Divi Theme with lots of nice modules for better website designs.
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Rafał Piasecki

Easy to use and intuitive Divi Pixel is a very powerful and versatile plugin with so many custom modules! It's very easy to use and intuitive. Support is flawless, they go above and beyond to help resolve any queries you may have. Totally recommend, thank you so much for this wonderful plugin!

Waldek Warzuchowski

Must have plugin Absolutely must have plugin for all Divi web designers! All custom modules that come with the Divi Pixel have totally changed the way we build websites! Strongly recommend!!!

Alexandra Hawro

Divi Pixel really saves my time A very useful and great plugin with so many functionalities and modules! Divi Pixel really saves my time when I'm creating websites for my clients. No-brainer purchase for anyone who builds websites in Divi. Highly recommended!

Karolina Sobczak

I love its versatility and functionalities Just a killer! I have used many Divi plugins and Divi Pixel is the best so far! I love its versatility and functionalities. It helps me design much better websites for my clients! Absolutely “must-have” plugin for all Divi web designers.

Miljko Milanović

I'm so happy with this plugin I've tried out so many plugins and I have never found anything like this. Here you'll get everything you need. You don't need anything else. I'm so happy with this plugin as it solves all my headaches when it comes to good functionality and design. Also a big thank you for the quick support regarding all my silly questions which most of the time was an easy fix that I didn't think about. Thank you very much!

René Maurer

Divi Pixel is by far the most reliable The Divi Pixel plugin with its numerous modules is absolutely recommended for any website created with Divi. We have tried several Divi plugins, but Divi Pixel is by far the most reliable. It is not only the optimal functionality but also reliable and fast support in case you need assistance.

Dominic du Boulay

Best Divi plugin ever Best Divi plugin ever used, I recommend to everyone, more than a product - a community of passionate people

Mark O’Brien Wentzell

Support has been incredible Divi Pixel is hands-down the best Divi product I have ever purchased. The product is packed with features, the UI is slick and professional, the team constantly adds great new modules, the demos are top-notch, and the support has been incredible. I really can't say enough good things about this product and the team behind it. Do yourself a favor and jump in, the water is warm!

Adriana Pietragalla

Powerful and intuitive Divi Pixel is really powerful and intuitive, its versatility, its functionality, its performance onload time resources, excellence in support, and so on. So far, the best plugin and more I have known since the advent of Divi. Highly recommended!

Overlay Effects

Add stunning overlay effects
Add image overlay elements and show them with stunning animations when the user mouse over the image.

Raspberry Cake

Porridge with Bananas


Toasted Beef Pastrami

French Toast with Honey

Blackberry Milkshake

Ribeye Steak

Ribbon Steak

Beef With Vegetables

Herb Roasted Chicken

Fish and Chips

Chicken Kebab

Avocado Eggs

Benedictine Eggs

King Prawns

Green Beans Salad

Spicy Chicken Wraps

Ham and Egg Sandwich

Thai Noodles

Fried Egg


Tagliatelle Pasta

Chicken and Broccoli

Zucchini and Rice


Filterable Grid Features
The Divi Pixel Filterable Grid module is highly customizable and will help you create amazing designs using built-in features. Display as many posts as you want to build a feature-rich filterable layout on your Divi website.

Open Image in the Lightbox


Advanced Grid Settings


Add Image Ovelay


Custom Animations


Add Image Link


Advanced Custom CSS Fileds