Introducing Advanced Tabs for Divi

by Apr 22, 2022Announcements, Pixel Modules

Today we are very excited and have great news for you. We finally completed another module that is now available in the new version of Divi Pixel 🤩

But I have to tell you, it was not easy. This is probably one of the most advanced modules we have ever built. In the meantime, we also had some small perturbations on the server, but it all ended well. Our website is back alive and now we can focus on new modules. One of them is just in your hands, and there are more! You will find out more soon, but today I would like to tell you a few words about the new module. If you’re interested, read on.

Introducing Advanced Tabs for Divi

Tabs in web design are used to group content, connect related information, and as a tool to save space. The tabbed UI design pattern takes its inspiration from file folders and address books, which allow users to quickly jump to the target section by clicking on a specific tab. The Divi Pixel Advanced Tabs module comes with dozens of powerful settings, that will help you create beautiful tabbed areas on your Divi site, where users can easily switch between contents using tabs navigation.

Create beautiful tabs navigation

The module allows you to add an unlimited number of tabs. The customization is divided into 2 main parts. One of them is the tabs where the user can navigate. The second part contains the content that is added to each tab.

Tabs navigation can be placed on the left, right, above or below the content. The module has many options. In the navigation, we can place a tab title, subheading, and add an icon or an image. There are also options to manage the positioning and alignment.

Another useful option to mention here is the Sticky Tabs option, which does the navigation fixed during scrolling. This is a very useful feature if there is a lot of content. The user can scroll the page and navigation is always at hand. Sticky tabs can be disabled on tablets and mobiles.

Add manual content or use Divi Library items

And now a little about the content. Each tab has its own content settings. The module allows you to add content in the form of text and images, which has its own customization settings. These basic options should cover most needs. However, if we need to display a more complex layout, we can use Divi Builder to design the content, then save the layout to the Divi library, and then use it in the Advanced Tabs module. This gives you unlimited possibilities. We can display almost anything.

FREE Demo Sections

Learning the new module might take some time, so please be patient 🙃 To streamline development, we have prepared 10 beautiful sections that you can download for free and use on your Divi website in no time. In the coming weeks, we will share with you another set of 10 templates, so you can build websites even faster using the Divi Pixel Advanced Tabs module.

What’s coming next

We have more great news for you, which we will inform you shortly about. The long-awaited Popup Maker is already in the testing phase and should be released really soon. We also built Expanding CTA module (like on the ET website), Horizontal Timeline and Text Highlighter. All these modules will be in your hands these coming weeks. There are also new amazing layout packs to be released, so stay tuned. You can also check our Plugin Roadmap to find out more.

That’s all for today. We hope you will like the new module and that it will open up new web design possibilities using the Divi Pixel plugin. We’d love to hear your voice. Share your opinion in the comments below 🙂

Maciej Ekstedt

Maciej Ekstedt

Maciej is the co-founder of Divi Pixel. He is a self-made web designer and marketing expert, and he loves his job so much that he barely leaves the office. He transforms creative ideas into effective strategies for his company. Maciej is fascinated by the phenomenon of a megalopolis. He notices patterns and details which make up the whole thing, and he uses these skills in his work.