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Build Awesome Websites With Divi Pixel

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Divi Pixel

Divi Pixel is a powerful tool built for Divi. We’ve spent months crafting advanced settings and custom modules. It comes with hundreds of customization options, and 33 powerful Divi Builder custom modules which will incredibly extend your website’s functionality!

With Divi Pixel, you can customize your Divi website like never before. The built-in settings allow you to easily create an unforgettable user experience!

How does it work?

Plugin Settings

We’ve built a beautiful user interface in which you can enable and disable all available plugin options. Most of the settings, once enabled, can be customized in the Divi Pixel Theme Customizer.

Customizer Settings

Divi Pixel adds custom tabs to your Theme Customizer in which you can configure all the available custom settings that come with the plugin. All options are well-grouped and intuitive.

Custom Modules

Divi Pixel comes with 33 custom modules that will enhance your Divi website significantly. Each module is well-thought-out and provides you with virtually unlimited customization options.

Want to know more?

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Divi Pixel is built for performance. It follows the best WordPress development standards.

World-Class Support

Our dedicated support team is friendly and has experience in helping thousands of customers.

Regular Updates

We strive to keep Divi Pixel on the cutting edge of functionality. Get free updates with bug fixes and new features.

Free Layout Packs

Divi Pixel Layout Packs are one of our flagship features! Get access to our beautiful and professional templates right now.

WordPress Multisite

Divi Pixel is 100% compatible and well tested on WordPress multisite network installations.

High Performance

We are working hard to provide optimized and fast all-in-one plugin for Divi by utilizing the best programming practices.

Plugin Settings

Over 200 Custom Options at your fingertips

Enable and disable custom settings using the powerful and intuitive user interface and take your Divi website to the next level! Divi Pixel allows you to customize headers, footers, login pages, back-to-top buttons, and upload custom map markers and SVG images, and much, much more. It’s a complete solution for powering up your Divi business!

Custom Modules

33 Fully Customizable and Powerful Divi Modules

Custom Divi modules are a core element of the Divi Pixel Plugin, and it comes with 33 custom-crafted modules that will enhance your Divi Builder, and provide you with so many more possibilities. Build interactive websites and amaze your customers with fully customizable and powerful modules.

Mobile Menu

Customize your Divi Mobile Menu like never before!

The custom mobile menu settings allow you to create fully customizable and beautiful mobile menus. You can add social icons, an animated hamburger icon, make the mobile menu full screen, and set custom animations for menu overlays and menu items. With Divi Pixel, you can easily create an unforgettable experience for mobile users.

Layout Packs

Use prebuilt websites to boost your productivity
Installing a prebuilt Layout Packs is an excellent way to kick-start work on a project. Import a demo that suits you the best. Create a perfect foundation for your new website in minutes! All that’s left is to populate the site with your content and images.

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