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Build Awesome Websites With Divi Pixel

Divi Pixel Features


Easy to use and Intuitive Interface

Enable and disable custom settings with ease using a powerful and intuitive user interface. Divi Pixel allows you to customize headers, footers, login pages, 404 pages, upload custom map markers, and much, much more. Take a look at these stunning features!

Custom Login Page

Customize login pages with ease. Add logos, style login forms, and more!

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Browser Scrollbar

Customize Browser Scrollbars to match your brand colors and style.

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404 Page

Create beautiful, custom 404 pages using the Divi Builder.

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Allow SVG Uploads

Upload SVG image files directly to the WordPress Media library.

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Custom Map Marker

Upload custom map markers and display them in the Divi Map Module.

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Back To Top Button

Create a unique Back To Top button with Divi Pixel custom settings.

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Hide Admin Bar

Hide the Admin Bar, and display it only when you hover over the top section of your website.

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Add Preloader

Select from one of 28 beautiful preloaders, and change its color and transition style. 

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Change Logo On Scroll

Upload an alternate logo and display it on scroll.

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Footer Customization

Use a custom Divi Layout as your global footer, add reveal effects, and more!

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Header & Navigation

Add beautiful hover effects and style your Divi menu like never before!

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Add Button to Divi Menu

Add and customize menu button in the Divi Pixel Customizer.

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Create a Memorable Blog Experience
Customize blog archive and category pages using powerful Divi Pixel settings. Add stunning hover effects, related articles sections, author boxes, post navigation, and more using the Divi Pixel plugin.

Customize Archive Pages

Make your Blog page outstanding with Divi Pixel customization options.

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Add Icons to Meta Text

Improve UX (user experience) on your website by adding icons to meta text.

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Read More Button

Add a Read More button to single blog posts and style it just like you want.

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Author Box

Display an Author box with a profile image, name, and bio below your posts.

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Comments Section

Customize the Comments section with Divi Pixel customization settings.

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Blog Navigation

Allow users to jump to the next or previous post by displaying post navigation.

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Related Articles

Add and customize the Related Articles section below single posts.

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Hide Excerpt Text

Hide excerpt text in blog modules.

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Easily Customize Mobile Menus
Divi Pixel allows users to customize the mobile menu using plugin settings and the theme customizer. Simply enable the desired options, and customize the hamburger icon, add animations, mobile menu buttons, and more!

Custom Breakpoint

Change the breakpoint for mobile devices.

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Fixed Mobile Header

Display your menu always fixed on mobile.

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Add Mobile Menu Button

Add and customize a CTA button displayed in the mobile menu.

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Change Logo on Mobiles

Upload a custom logo to display on mobile devices.

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Customize Hamburger Icon

Select from 1 of 9 awesome hamburger menu animations.

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Collapse Submenu

Collapse Submenu Items on Mobile to make the menu easier to use.

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Center Content

Center content on mobile devices to improve user experience.

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Hide Search Icon

Hide the search icon to make your mobile menu more clean and simple.

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Customize the Mobile Menu Like Never Before

Divi Pixel lets you easily build a custom mobile menu. The default Divi mobile menu isn’t very customizable, but Divi Pixel can help you can build a unique menu and improve your mobile users’ experience with just a few clicks!

Powerful and Fully Customizable Modules

Build Awesome Websites Using Divi Pixel Custom Modules

Divi Pixel comes with 26 custom modules that significantly enhance the functionality of the Divi Theme. All modules are fully integrated with the Divi Visual Builder and are highly customizable!

Before/After Slider

The Before & After Slider allows you to create unique presentations by comparing functionality.

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Masonry Gallery

The Masonry Gallery module allows you to create beautiful and unique photo galleries.

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Flip Box

Create interactive blurbs with the Flip Box module. Add icons, titles, descriptions, and buttons.

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Create advanced counters on your Divi site with highly customizable Divi Pixel Counter modules.

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Typing Text

Add a cool typing effect to your Divi website using the Typing Effect custom module.

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Tilt Image

The Tilt Image module allows you to create unique and interactive images with icons, text, and buttons.

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Star Rating

Add Star Ratings to your Divi site with ease. This simple module is fully customizable.

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With the Breadcrumbs module, you can significantly improve UX (user experience) and site navigation on your Divi website.

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Button Grid

The Button Grid module allows you to add multiple buttons in a grid layout and customize them as you prefer.

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Floating Images

The Floating Images module allows you to showcase multiple images for your visitors.

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The Carousel module gives you endless possibilities! Create beautiful sliders using Divi Library items.

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Testimonial Slider

Display Google, Facebook, WooCommerce testimonies, and manually add reviews on your Divi website with ease.

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Price List

Create stunning Menus for restaurants, cafes, bars, or list any business services with the Price List module.

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Image Hotspot

With the Image Hotspot module, you can easily create interactive images! Add multiple hotspots and customize all of the elements easily.

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Countdown Timer

Boost your marketing game with fully customizable Pixel Countdown modules.

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Hover Box

The Hover Box module is a perfect way to showcase elements on your Divi site. It has endless customization options.

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Blog Slider

Add your blog posts in a slider form with Blog Slider module.

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Fancy Text

Create interactive headings with multiple texts and beautiful animations.

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Accordion Image

Create interactive image galleries and show content on hover or on click.

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Scroll Image

Scroll Image module for Divi Pixel gives you a creative way to display images on your website.

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Scrollable panoramas allow you to display the larger image in its actual size by dragging the image horizontally or vertically.

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Reading Progress Bar

Display Reading Progress Bar on any page on your website. Change color, bar width add animation and more!

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Image Magnifier

Allow visitors to zoom images using a magnifying glass.

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Lottie Icon

Display interactive and animated icons using the Lottie Icon module.

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Image Showcase

Display your web design projects with style. Image Showcase module allows you to display images on devices.

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Image Mask

With the Image Mask module, you can wrap images into beautiful masks.

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Layout Injector

Easily Inject Divi Library Layouts
Inject Divi Builder Layouts wherever you want. With Divi Pixel you can easily set up 404 pages, footers, and more using Divi Library items.


Divi Pixel allows you to add Divi Library items Before or After navigation.

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Inject Footer layouts and add before footer layouts which can be displayed on specific pages.

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With Divi Pixel you can insert Divi Library items on blog archive pages.

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404 Page

Build your own 404 Page using the Divi Builder, and easily set it as the default 404 page.

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How does it work?

Plugin Settings

We’ve built a beautiful user interface in which you can enable and disable all available plugin options. Most of the settings, once enabled, can be customized in the Divi Pixel Theme Customizer.

Customizer Settings

Divi Pixel adds custom tabs to your Theme Customizer in which you can configure all the available custom settings that come with the plugin. All options are well-grouped and intuitive.

Custom Modules

Divi Pixel comes with 26 custom modules that will enhance your Divi website significantly. Each module is well-thought-out and provides you with virtually unlimited customization options.

Powerful Plugin Settings

Over 200 Custom Options at your fingerprints

Enable and disable custom settings using the powerful and intuitive user interface and take your Divi website to the next level. Divi Pixel allows you to customize headers, footers, login pages, back-to-top buttons, upload custom map markers and SVG images, and much, much more. It’s a complete solution for powering up your Divi business!

Mobile Menu Customizer

Improve you Mobile Menu with Divi Pixel

The custom mobile menu settings allow you to create fully customizable and beautiful mobile menus. You can add social icons, an animated hamburger icon, make the mobile menu full screen, and set custom animations for menu overlays and menu items. With Divi Pixel you can easily create an unforgettable experience for mobile users!

Custom Modules

26 Fully Customizable and Powerful Divi Modules

Custom Divi modules are a core element of the Divi Pixel Plugin, and it comes with 26 custom-crafted modules that will enhance your Divi Builder, and give you more possibilities than you could ever imagine! Build interactive websites and amaze your customers with these fully customizable and very powerful modules.