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by Nov 15, 2021Divi Pixel Showcase

Would you like to see websites that use our plugin? We’ve got you insight! In this article, we highlight the best Divi websites built with the Divi Pixel plugin so far. Sit down comfortable. These examples will knock you into your armchair! 🤩

The Divi Pixel plugin was released in March 2020. It has evolved a lot since then and powers thousands of sites around the world. Our clients appreciate us not only for powerful, useful and unique modules but also for great support and continuation of building the best plugin for Divi.

There is a post on the Divi Pixel Facebook Group from time to time, where we encourage you to share your website that was built with Divi Pixel. In this article, I’d like to share with you over 15 amazing realizations that used Divi Pixel modules and custom theme options.


Lola Menthe

Lola Menthe is an organic beauty institute born in 2003 and is today located in the heart of Croix-Rousse in Lyon. The website designer, Theo Salomoni, used organic olive and orange colors and multiple Divi Pixel modules and features. We can see a nice pulsing preloader and full-screen mobile menu. On the homepage, we have also Testimonials, services blurbs created with the Divi Pixel Hover Box module and a Blog Slider. The entire page follows the olive leaf theme, which has been used as a subtle background on all inner pages of the site.


U Goców

The U Goców farm is located at the foot of the Bieszczady Mountains. Its main attraction is the breeding of Małopolska horses. In addition to typical breeding, the farm also offers horse riding lessons, riding in the manege and riding in the field.

Their website was built by the Enze web design company from Sanok (Poland). On the homepage, we can see nice imaginary and videos but also multiple Divi Pixel modules such as Hover Box and Testimonial Slider. The Carousel Module was used in the place where we can view horses from the stables. There is also a browser scroll bar, back to top button and full-screen mobile menu customized with the Divi Pixel plugin settings.



Jules Webb

Jules Webb is a web designer from Arizona but she works on projects all over the US. She creates modern, interactive, responsive, and beautiful websites for her clients.

Her website uses a combination of blue and red, but what you really need to pay attention to are the graphics with subtle animations. Jules took the Divi Pixel Floating Images module to the next level. All subpages have a hero image, where we can see cool animations that will definitely impress visitors. But it is not everything! In the Portfolio tab, we can see her works, where on each subpage she shows her projects in a very creative way using Divi Pixel modules such as Image Showcase or Scroll Image.


FB Studio

FB Studio is a Dutch web design company managed by Frank Barelds. The website is very clean and minimal and using blue colors. We will not see too many Divi Pixel modules on it, but on the Webdesign subpage we can see the Timeline module that was used to show potential customers the website design process and it turned out pretty well. The website also uses custom animations for the header menu items, CTA Menu Button and fullscreen mobile menu which seems to be very popular these days.


High Five Skåne

High Five Skåne is a locally curated guide in the Swedish south. It is nothing more than a blog where visitors can learn about restaurants and accommodation in southern Sweden. On the home page, we find suggestions in several categories. They are presented in the form of a slider so that the visitor can see multiple proposals at once by sliding posts.

The mobile menu is also very cool. The hamburger icon opens very smoothly, presenting us with the entire mobile menu. Everything is simple, no fireworks, but clear and very informative.


Baggerbetrieb Spitzer

We love seeing our clients use our exclusive layout packs and build professional websites efficiently and quickly. Our goal is to provide resources and tools for effective work where web designers and developers can build better websites.

The Baggerbetrieb Spitzer website by Tobias Schmidt perfectly shows how to adopt a layout to make everything beautiful, clear and cool. When the preloader disappears from our screen and we see the home page, we immediately have a slider with services offered by Bjorn. On every single page of the service, we will see projects presented using interactive Divi Pixel modules such as Before & After Slider and Masonry Gallery module. The fullscreen mobile menu with collapsed submenus makes this website complete.


Chattel Mortgage

Another great realization, where we will see a dozen or so Divi Pixel modules used very deliberately and creatively. Chattel Mortgage is a company based in Perth (Australia) specializing in finances.

The perfect symphony of the brand colors, gradients used for buttons and text divider makes this one-page website very trusty and confident. On the homepage, we will see a slider with cars for loan as well as a module with frequently asked questions. The Divi Pixel FAQ Module generates Google structured data which helps in optimizing the website for SEO.


Cooking With DNA

David and Annie are America’s favorite couple. Annie loves to cook and David loves to eat.
Their website is very colourful, with many photos and recipes. On the “About Us” page, we can read their wonderful story, which was presented using the Divi Pixel Timeline Module. There are several other modules on the other pages, such as Masonry Gallery or Carousel module. This website has also a bold browser scrollbar that was customized using the Divi Pixel plugin settings.


Logo Kunst

Martyn Dunn is a German painter born in Wales. In his work, he tries to use the whole spectrum of his art with changing painting techniques and design elements. Martyn’s website is very unique and has an interesting, non-standard layout. On the main page, we find several sections that flow smoothly thanks to brushed dividers used to separate sections from each other. Before & After Slider was used to show the works. We can also see several carousel modules here, as well as the Balloon Module in action.


Marco Hansel

Marco Hansel is a German trainer who helps companies to take them to the next level.
On his one-page website, we can see some interesting sections and strong branding that surely adds trust of the visitors. Marco shows how to achieve high performance with the help of the Divi Pixel Timeline module. Below you will find a section with customer reviews, which was also designed in an unusual way. In the section where we can read how to start cooperation, we can see the Floating Image in action, including members of his company.



Yogibo is a furniture company with retail shops all around the world. They are offering comfortable bean bags for homes, schools, museums, conferences and more. Their site is clean and sophisticated. In the header, you will find social media icons, and a CTA button encouraging contact. The company logos presented on the home page in a beautiful slider form were implemented using the Carousel module.

On the About Us page, we can see some of the products offered by the company that are displayed using the Image Hotspot module. Product photos were used as hotspots. After hovering the mouse over the hotspot, the user can learn more about the product.


Didier Meynders

Didier Meynders is a life coach helping people to remember who they are and to become the best version of themselves. His website is designed in calm and relaxing colors that invite you to get to know more.

On this small but quite informative page, you will find several Divi Pixel modules such as Testimonial Slider, Image Mask, FAQ, Image Showcase, Typing Text and Content Toggle. The mobile menu was also implemented using the Divi Pixel Fullscreen Mobile Menu feature.


Tobias Schmidt

Tobias Schmidt is a web designer from Germany who helps companies to appear on the Internet thanks to professional solutions tailored to the client’s needs. In the hero section of the homepage, the Typing Text module has been used to highlight the key points of his offer. He’s making nice use of the Divi Pixel Image Showcase module where we can see his work. On the homepage, we can also find a nice reviews section implemented using the Testimonial Slider module.

His works can be found in the Projects tab, where, by hovering the mouse over the image, we can read more about the project thanks to the flipping card.


Amazing Studio

Amazing Studio is a company based in France, managed by Emilie Jollet – a photographer specializing in pregnancy, newborns, baby children and families.

Her website is clean and minimalistic. In the Prestations tab, we can find some examples of her photos where the Accordion Image module was used to enlarge the photo after mouseover. The Gallery tab includes even more photos implemented with the Masonry Gallery module. When we go all the way to the bottom of the page, we can see the footer of the page revealing itself while scrolling.



Sparketing is a web design and marketing agency based in Netherland. The company was founded in 2010 and to this day helps companies and successfully cares about their image on the Internet.

Their website is very professional. Visitors will find all information about the services provided. The site doesn’t use much of Divi Pixel’s features, but we can see an added CTA button in the main menu, a custom browser scrollbar, and a full-screen mobile menu. In the About us tab, we can read about the company’s history, which was presented using the Timeline module.

This is it for now! We hope you enjoy reading this article. It was really nice experience to see how people are using the Divi Pixel plugin. We hope to see more beautiful examples in the near future, so stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Maciej Ekstedt

Maciej Ekstedt

Maciej is the co-founder of Divi Pixel. He is a self-made web designer and marketing expert, and he loves his job so much that he barely leaves the office. He transforms creative ideas into effective strategies for his company. Maciej is fascinated by the phenomenon of a megalopolis. He notices patterns and details which make up the whole thing, and he uses these skills in his work.